CEDEC, day 3

This wet and chilly day was the last for this year’s CEDEC. I only attended one lecture; on pitching to foreign publishers, by Ubi’s slightly too soft-spoken Arisa Furugen. I was hoping to learn what a publisher like Ubi thought were the big problem points, but was in stead treated to a very general lecture on the state of the US and EU markets and a brief overview of what foreign publishers expect to see and hear in pitches、which was interesting nonetheless. This was all stuff I was already aware of but, judging by a few of the questions at the end of the seminar, was not entirely known by the many Japanese attendees.
It was good to see it was a pretty full house; for all my moaning and bitching about how Japanese developers seem so unaware and uninterested in foreign markets and games I was put in my place somewhat by this seminar.

So, that’s it for this year. I should have attended some more seminars, really. Especially the one on Final Fantasy’s development, as a colleague of mine who did attend couldn’t stop talking about how great their tools looked. A few more of the software demos looked interesting too, but sadly this week’s schedule didn’t really allow for more “time off” from the development cycle.

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  1. I heard the Capcom one was even better. The people I work with are still talking about their tools! (And apparently people got a more in depth look when the guy presenting got drunk Friday night) :P