And in today's human interest story: a rather big and short earthquake hit us around a quarter past five. News reports it was magnitude 4.8 I was just in the lift when it happened and I haven't been so scared in my life. In fact, the earthquake lasted the exact length of my ascent, so for a few minutes I was confused as to whether it was just a mechanical failure on not.

No matter how long I'll live in Tokyo, those earthquakes continue to freak me out. It isn’t helped by the constant creeping knowledge that Tokyo is overdue the Big One, and to me any little seismic shock could be it.

Tokyo is definitely not for the paranoid, though I’ve managed so far…


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  2. Erk!

    Im gonna be in tokyo next week, and i hope no earthquaking shenanigans will occur!

    Seeing the stuff on the country-wide earthquake drill just fills me with more paranoia!

  3. It's been fairly quiet on the earthquake front before yesterday's tremor.
    There are occasional shocks that raise nothing more than an eyebrow, but yesterday's was a "biggie", but maybe because I was in the lift at the time.

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