Buy the book!

Welcome to this blog - it is no longer. I haven't updated it in years! Some posts may still be relevant or entertaining, but if you're thinking of working in video game development in Japan there is now a book, available as print-on-demand and electronic book, from various sources.

Though it features a handful of blog posts from here it is mostly written from scratch and features developer interviews, tips on finding and getting a job, as well as what to expect once you have one and a huge company database featuring over 250 entries! 

For more information and links on where to purchase this magnificent tome, go HERE.


  1. I'm glad your blog finally became a book. I just recently started to read it as I was reminded about your blog through your recent post on Kotaku. Your blog was and is one of the best I've read. Very professionally written along with some lovely art in an art style I love. Thank you! I look forward to read more of your book and see what you do in the future.

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