I remember gray late summer days in London, little over a decade ago. I was a young, keen graduate, out of pocket, desperately looking for my first job in the game industry. A friend of mine had suggested I check out Edge magazine because they have job ads in the back. I went to Virgin Megastore, on Oxford Street near Center Point, taking the side entrance off Tottenham Court Road for the game section, and bought the magazine – I even remember the cover of the issue. I applied for a job advertised in the back and landed myself an interview. During that fateful meeting I was even told “I see you got our job ad from Edge, which speaks in your favour”. I landed that job, which started my career in video games. The company has since gone bankrupt, but it got me my first, all-important break and I guess I have Edge magazine to thank for that in some way.

Aside from being a helpful resource Edge magazine has also proven itself to be in possession of excellent taste and keen insight, as they have seen fit to nominate this here blog for “website of the month” in the January issue (#183).

I am indebted, in more ways than one.


  1. Bit early -- it's actually the Christmas issue.
    Which should increase your readership tenfold, so ;)

  2. I agree with jeff lambert!

    And the tag line to the shop, the foreign game developer's pension plan" is just priceless! :D