Support this starving artist

As Google Ads isn’t quite turning out to be the pension plan I had imagined, with a CTR lower than my bank’s interest rates, I thought I’d try a different tactic. I’m now getting a fair amount of readers and hits a day*, a steadily growing stream of curious and consequently demoralized parties, and at least some of you must be interested in cheap, facetious tat. So as if starting a blog wasn’t enough of a bandwagon to jump on, I’ve also opened up a CafePress shop offering a small range of exclusive, hand-designed goods using only the finest Adobe and Autodesk software for your pleasure.

On offer are a selection of T-shirts featuring Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. characters, made famous by the Hollywodians post, for the boys and for the ladies respectively. For the latter also a nice T-shirt explaining how to pose like a true professional talento and a series of unisex apparel featuring square barcodes; walk around as free advertising for this site without knowing it!
Also for sale are two sets of mugs, featuring bowing instructions and the Game&Watch interpretation of working life and a motivational clock and mouse mat.

I’ve added a link to the sidebar so if you’re not already rushing off to purchase these items you could redeem yourself by doing it at a later date.

Should this prove sufficiently popular I plan to spend the first earnings on expanding the CafePress shop to allow for more varied goods, to which end I’ll be accepting design suggestions which can be communicated by e-mail using the link in the side bar.

* In no small way thanks to sites like The Chaos Engine, GameSetWatch, Kotaku, Wired’s Game Life and the numerous personal blogs who have been kind enough to link here.


  1. I have to get the game+watch style mug. It's totally awesome. Also, I'd really like to get some of those mousepads for my Japanese coworkers ;)

    By the way, weren't you slagging off someone on TCE for opening a cafepress shop a little while ago? Sheesh.

    ...after looking at the CP site...
    Erm, is there an equivelant for us in Japan? I don't really want to order a $13 mug from America only to get some unfriendly looking shards in the post and a nice bill for 1000yen from UPS :)


  2. "lower than my bank’s interest rates"

    haha - especially Japanese bank rates at that!

  3. The mugs are awesome! Great work!

  4. Be fair, YMLL, I was only having a go at Shminky for slapping small logos on cups willy-nilly, not for actually opening a CafePress shop!
    Is there a Cafe Puressu? I hadn't even thought of a Japanese equivalent...

    I really wanted to do more mugs but the basic shop only allows one design per item. Maybe if I get the premium shop should sales be sufficiently robust...(that's a musing, not a hint).

  5. Great stuff. So how's it selling for a starving japanese artist in japan?


  6. How's it selling? Leeseee...carry the one, divide, okay...zilch. :( Alternatively I may not hav worke out how CafePress works properly yet.