Nothing quite as nice as a mid-week holiday, apparently to celebrate the spring equinox in my case by having a long hard sit on the sofa and exhausting myself watching television. Don’t worry, I’m not pissing in the face of Japanese tradition; none of my colleagues knew the purpose of the holiday until one of them looked it up. There may be some customs attached to it, but by the look of things people will just use it as a very welcome break. This year the national holidays are much better spread out than last year, when they all fell on weekends mostly.

My post “Do as the Hollywodians” has been linked on James Newton’s new monthly feature “Carnival of video game bloggers”, a nice initiative that collects a sample of game related blog posts and presents them in an easy to swallow, bite-sized article for all to enjoy. I just wish I had thought of a better name for that post now. These kinds of carnivals seem to be gaining some popularity so I thought I had better join in on the fun. Check it out here.

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