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The inexorable drive towards global capitalism sees more foreign companies opening branches in Japan in the hope of generalizing all of the world’s interior décor, diet, electronic needs and clothing. I still await the day we live in uniform white rooms wearing white jumpsuits. That said, IKEA, which has finally opened branches in Japan not too long ago, does actually deliver acceptable furniture, so I’m not really complaining. Though we mostly got our own unobtrusive décor from Muji they can be a little pricey at times. IKEA offers what you expect: affordable Scandinavian tat.

Though the stores here offer similar goods and free shuttle bus service from the station to the store it is somewhat marred by expensive delivery costs. If you have a car you’re probably also rich enough to afford the delivery fees, so it’s a bit of a catch-22.

Why bother telling people interested in Japan and Japanese culture about IKEA? Well, as mentioned earlier rented apartments are usually unfurnished so apart from the high costs of deposits, “gift money” and advance rent you’ll also incur extra costs for furnishing your place yourself. IKEA and 100 yen shops, of which I’ll write more in a future post, can help you out there.

Location: Funabashi is all the way over in Chiba, Kohoku is nearer Yokohama.
Website: Funabashi branch, Kohoku branch
Map: Funabashi branch, Kohoku branch

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