Wahey, it’s Culture Day!

Ahh, November 3rd, Culture Day! A day where traditionally Japanese people up and down the country collectively scratch their chins, cock their heads sideways and admit to the inquisitive gaijin who’s asking that they have no clue what Culture Day is all about. In all my years here I have not found one person who could give me a satisfactory answer. But thanks to the internet, repository of 100% Essence of Unquestionable Truth, Google threw up this page, which seems to explain it: the promotion of Japanese culture and honouring those who have promoted Japanese culture, formerly an Emperor’s birthday.

“Ah, Japanese culture,” I said to my colleagues over a cigarette yesterday, “so that means, true to Japanese culture, we all come in to work, right?” This caused a brief period of hilarity, followed by a sinking realization that this is actually the case. “JC, you understand Japanese culture too well.” “Indeed,” I quip, “I am Japanese after all.”
But then a miracle occurred. Not 10 minutes before leaving the office a colleague approached me to say we, including me, should please take off today the 3rd, and the weekend. Now, I don’t need to be told twice, but when you’re asked to “refresh”, it is a warning. It is a sign that you are about to go over the top and into crunch no-man’s land. They want you to be rested and ready for the big push. Timeo Japanos et dona ferentes

So, I do have a three day weekend after all, and I have already wasted the Friday in true British Culture style, by loafing around at home doing absolutely bugger all. I may visit the robot fair tomorrow, in which case I’ll take some photos and write up a post on it.
So for now: Happy Culture Day!

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  1. Kick ass man - 3 days weekends are always enjoyable and I assume even more so for those in Japan given the work environment.