As many of you may be aware Japan loves its cute characters and almost every company, chain-store, institution, brand or restaurant has its own mascot, usually a brightly coloured, deformed or anthropomorphic little doodle that adorns signposts, posters, adverts and merchandise. A blog by Videogamesartist has started to log these and though it’s early days yet he promises semi-regular updates to his, what I call, “mascopedia”. The man is a scoundrel, of course, as this is a fun and infinitely milkable idea that I really wish I had thought of; there are quite literally an infinity plus one of these mascots. But credit where it is due、damn him.
For those still thinking of moving to Japan to work in the games industry, despite all my posts、I can recommend having a gander at the rest of his blog too as he is currently “living the dream”. My blog is mostly retrospective on the whole process of breaking into the industry in Japan, it could be worthwhile checking out this guy’s experiences as they are happening right now.

While I am foolishly directing traffic away from my own site, I’d like to name-drop Innerbits too; a blog started by a few industry-insiders who, as they put it, are tired of the status quo and write remarkably mature editorials on the various aspects that plague our business as well as offering regular game related news. I am perfectly aware that, despite my best efforts, I often end up in mouth-frothing rant territory so people who want a more objective view on the things that ail can do a lot worse than check this site out.


  1. Thank you for the link my good sir.

  2. Tomorrow's Happy Mascot feature will be particularly oddball, I can promise you that!
    Thanks for the link. =)

  3. Ranty? Well, maybe occasionally... always coherent, though.

  4. Your mouth-frothing rants are always entertaining so don't worry about it. You make up for the mouth froth by writing interesting and well though out posts the rest of the time.

    I've really enjoyed reading your blog and will keep doing so although I confess I will keep an eye on Inner Bits and Videogameartist to see what new mascots he finds ;)

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