Go to shopping: The Sony Building

Though the technophile visitor to Tokyo will have plenty to see in the many electronics stores dotted around the map, one good place to see a collection of the latest home electronics and gadgets, from one manufacturer anyway, is the Sony Building in Ginza (or rather Yurakucho but Ginza sounds better).

Though the location has restaurants and a shop it’s the showroom that attracts most visitors as it displays Sony’s latest products. Before this weekend’s launch the PS3 was on display here for a while already, including the hilarious “SERECT” misprint on the controller. The newest, massive flat-screen televisions are often on display with surround sound systems and a nice couch to relax on as you take in the massive digital eye. Cameras, computers and laptops, MP3 players, it’s all there.

Though ultimately your enjoyment of the Sony building depends largely on your attitude towards Sony products and if you check their shares their position is somewhat in jeopardy, still, they are coming out with some interesting products and the showroom is probably the best place to get a good overview of the gadgets on sale now or in the near future.

Location: Yurakucho station is on the Yurakucho line, surprisingly, though Ginza’s massive underground station complex, on the Ginza line amongst others, leads close enough.
Website: http://www.sonybuilding.jp (in English)
Map here.


  1. speaking of shopping, I hear the PS3 launch this weekend was pretty ugly. Most of the buyers were not gamers but Chinese nationals paid to wait in line and purchase one for their bosses. Did u get a glimpse of this where you live?

  2. I purposfully avoided writing about the PS3 launch as I don't think my perspective, ie. that of a Saturday morning spent in my bedroom sleeping off a hangover, would be that exciting.
    I have nothing to add other than the fact the Japanese television coverage was remarkably quiet about the whole hardware-only buying Chinese crowds.

  3. I've been there a couple time, first was when Final Fantasy 7 had just come out over there, needless to say the video game section on the top floor (if that's where it still is) was a lot better than it is now.

    Oddly enough i got more enjoyment out of playing with Aibo (damn you Sony for killing that) then anything else!