Animal Forest, the movie

Today’s Club Nintendo newsletter reminds us that next month sees the premiere of the new IP cash-cow film “Animal Forest” To celebrate they are giving away 100 ticket pairs (one adult, one child) to Club Nintendo members who apply before November 30th.

It’s hard to predict if this can possibly come anywhere near the orgasmic success of the Pokemon franchise. At the very least one can hope production values will be a bit better on this one; the CMs certainly look very cute. If the official website is anything to go by the soundtrack CD will be an essential purchase for me to calm my frayed nerves in these times of toil. For now I will just leave the browser open in the background while I dream of digging up fossils, fishing and planting money trees. Ahhh…

I do hope this will make Nintendo obscene amounts of money though, as that might give them the push to create a new game with hopefully a bit more variation, as opposed to simply recreating the same game yet again for a different console. Fool me thrice, shame on you!


  1. Isn't that animal crossing? I doubt it'll be any different from animal crossing if it's called animal forrest...

  2. Ah, yes, I keep forgetting that the US title replaces "forest" with "crossing" for some unknown reason.

  3. It's "Crossing" for us Euro-folks too.
    Also, that looks just sickeningly cute, in just the right way!