It never rains but it pours

This is just a quick post to explain the decreasing quality and regularity of posts in recent days and probably continuing into the near future. I’m probably giving away the inspiration to my last post, but crunch has hit. 14 hour days, weekends, this coming Monday’s national holiday, it’s all bad. Usually I hammer out my posts during my lunch break, then refine and post them from home. These days even lunch is a hurried affair. When I get home I hardly have enough time for dinner, a monkey bath (a bath so hot you make involuntary monkey sounds when stepping into it) or laying out my clothes for the next day, before I force myself to get to bed already if I stand any chance of getting up the next morning.

And what’s more, today was freezing cold with a massive, continuous downpour of rain and strong winds. Had I the time to check the television I might have learned if it was a typhoon or not, as Japan gets about 20 orso of these a year. It certainly felt like it. And on top of that my left shoe has sprung a leak, causing not only my sock and foot to get wet but it makes a surprisingly loud squelching sound every alternate step.

I actually have Sunday off, whoopee-do, so I‘ll try to post something a little more substantial then. Thank you for your patience!


  1. Good luck with all your work!

  2. "Headline: Increased working hours thought responsible for wet feet across the country - more at 9!"

    Having been away for a while I've been catching up with your posts anyway. Still as good as ever, no need to rush them. Keep on grinding! ;)

  3. there's a crunch for hentai mahjong games? who knew!

  4. Love your posts man, keep up the work :) You are pretty much the only blog I come back to, you never cease to entertain. Perhaps though, those little pictures you include could be bigger.

    Great stuff, don't work too hard (not that work easy is possible anyways)

  5. "there's a crunch for hentai mahjong games?"
    Those incestuous pederast robot tentacle rape porn images aren't going to draw themselves, you know!

    I'm glad people are enjoying the blog. I was quite hesitant to start one as, well, you know, blogs are blogs. But thanks for the back-slapping. I'll try my best to keep up a certain standard. I'll try my damnest not to revert to plain, outright and unconstructive bitching; God knows the urge is there, especially in these tiring times. Ganbarimasu!!

  6. andrew khosravianSunday, October 08, 2006


  7. as one that is interested in the japanese culture, love the blog man, keep it up! :)