Just a quick post to comment on a milestone Japanmanship passed yesterday-ish. 10k hits since its conception in mid-August.* To be honest I have no idea if this is in any way an impressive benchmark in the World of Blog, but I’m happy with it. It shows there is enough interest out there for me to continue to make the effort, to not let it slide too much into a personal soapbox/rant-blog/festering hate-pile. A substantial percentage of hits was in no small way thanks to some kind linking from Game Set Watch and Kotaku and a friendly crowd of industry forum users to whom I remain a humble servant.

Observant readers may have noticed the inclusion of an email address in the side-bar. Feel free to abuse it for fan- and hate-mail, offers of Viagra, blog suggestions and complaints. Also, since I changed the colour scheme of the adverts I found that one in, say, 20 pageloads the sidebars disappears to the bottom of the page. If any other users have this problem, please let me know and I‘ll tinker around with it a bit more.

In the meantime, thank you for your continued patronage and as they say over here “ganbarimasu!”**.


* Well, a few more. The first few weeks of the blog I was using another, inferior statcounter, so it may be a few hits more.
** "I shall do my utmost best to continue in the manner of proud endeavour herein forth or to increase with effort and humility the quality of my output to your honourable satisfaction. "


  1. ganbarimasu barnetto san!

  2. This is by far one of the most interesting blogs I have ever laid my eyes on. I've been following you since August and I just can't believe how frequent and interesting your output is. Much appreciated!! Kudos from Canada.

  3. I totally agree with Jeff. I usually hate blogs, but yours continues to inform me and many things I had no idea about, really opens my eyes to life in Japan. And your illustrations are always rock solid hilarity.

    Another fan from the Can (a duh!)

  4. I find your blog quite excellent in tone and frequency. It is a great read, and almost every day at that.

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  5. キリ番ゲット!

    I thought I was reasonably well acquainted with Japan, but you've got a clear view on an angle I sure don't have.

    You're kind of like a JP game development Myth Buster!

    Speaking of Myth Buster, there's a general feeling that video games are generally more acceptable in Japan. Manga sort of seems that way what with books targetted at anyone from kids to pervy old salary men.

    I figure Brain Training is Nintendo praying on the fear of old folks and Japan's population is mighty gray.

    Thank you for writing this blog. Whoever convinced you to do it needs an honorary bottle of booze sent.

  6. Thanks for the support guys!

    Pharna, don't forget I am just one slightly embittered, tired, aging gaijin with his own opinion and view of things. Each slightly embittered, tired, aging gaijin will experience Japan in his own unique way.

  7. Even then, I find that part of your charm. Japan's exotic flavors are completely worn out, you hit the nail on the head, your experience is indeed unique.

    Keep up the great commentary, looking forward to your next post.

  8. I haven't posted here yet yet feel compelled to :P Just another congrats on the 10k, visit the blog every few days and the regular updates never disappoint.

    - from someone still in the UK ;)