Pokemon 10th Anniversary Concert

According to a Club Nintendo newsletter and this website Nintendo are celebrating Pokemon's 10th anniversary with a lavish concert at the end of this year. Tickets are distributed by lottery to those Club Nintendo members who register any of the Pokemon series of games by Monday the 25th.
Club Nintendo often has campaigns that offer free gifts above and beyond the regular points system and are usually quite fun or useful; from a fluffy toy cow for the Harvest Moon series to a two-cart DS case specifically for those that registered the Kanji dictionary and Eigo zuke games. But a concert of Pokemon music? Hmm.


  1. Whilst Pokémon isnt exactly known for having a myriad of memorable tunes this is the sort of PR event that reminds the general public the series is still going strong. I'll be interested to see how the new Diamond/Pearl games are recieved later this month.

    I find Club Nintendo's policy of not shipping outside of Japan pretty painful, seeing how the reward scheme is so much more enticing than that of Europe/USA.

    Interesting blog, btw.

  2. Thanks!

    Indeed, Pokemon music isn't exactly of the same calibre as, say the Zelda or Mario themes, but you're right, it does send the message that it's still alive and well.

    How will the new Pokemon do? My prediction is: they'll sell like hotcakes in a wildfire. I'd be very surprised if they won't.

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